The Rachel Tee

100% of The Rachel Tee sales are donated to Agape International Missions (AIM) to fund Mission Belize.

Rachel's Story

Rachel is from a village outside of Phnom Penh. She loved to read books and sing. Like many girls from her area, she had a high risk of sexual abuse and manipulation. She was sold by her family to a neighbor, where untold evil took place. AIM found out and brought her to the restoration center. Her self worth was destroyed and her people saw her as cheap and lowly.

But now she says, "I feel like I’m a different person, I feel like I’m an amazing person in God’s sight. Someone special to God. I think my life today is at its best because God is in it. He's restored and paid back for the many things I had lost. He's provided many opportunities through the people around me and through AIM.”

Rachel still resides with AIM and has found a new purpose. She wants to help those in her village and around her nation. She believes trafficking is an evil taking place and is getting ready to begin fighting as an abolitionist. She always wanted to have a meaningful job and now has found one that will step into the lives of captives and show them the love she has found at AIM through Jesus. She dreams of becoming a teacher. “I want to become a good teacher. Someone who is able to teach kids who are lost, who need to be restored, who need encouragement. I want to help kids who grow up after me to receive good welfare and high education. I want to work in this type of ministry.”  

The Shirt
Make the world brighter than you found it in this women's tee in Dark Blue Pigment.

  • + Women's sizing (Size pictured- Medium)
  • + 100% cotton
  • + Distressed detailing, slightly open neckline
  • + Pre-shrunk
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