The Kya

100% of The Kya shirt sales are donated to

Kya's Story
Kya was betrayed by someone she trusted. Someone she thought was her friend sold her to traffickers. Before long, Kya found herself being forced to work in the sex trade. She became so sick that her traffickers had no choice but to take her to a local clinic. Once Kya found a moment alone with the nurse, she desperately asked for help. The nurse contacted the South African National Hotline and A21 was able to provide Kya with support and a safe place during her three months of treatment. Kya is now free and has been reunited with her family. 

The Shirt
Wear awareness of human trafficking with The Kya women's distressed vintage tee while supporting the organization that aided in her restoration.

  • + Relaxed fit, women's sizing in Vintage White
  • + Slightly open neckline with distressed detailing
  • + Subtle hem and design distressing
  • + 100% cotton, pre-shrunk

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