We fight human trafficking with our manufacturing choices too.

The planet and the people that walk it are our priority. The last thing we want to do is fund freedom for some while enslaving others. The fashion industry plays a big role in fueling human slavery so we’ve carefully chosen manufacturers that actively advocate for worker’s rights and ensure safe working conditions.

Our suppliers are part of the Fair Labor Association, ensuring no sweatshops or slave labor. They’re also WRAP Certified, meaning they adhere to high health and safety standards, environmental and eco-friendly practices and legal compliance.

Our manufacturers also take every opportunity to minimize their ecological footprint. Most garments are made with sustainable materials, processes, organic and recycled materials, low impact dyes and water-conserving washes. We’re also transitioning to 100% recyclable shipping materials.

All of our printing is done by our friends here in Nashville. The majority of our shirts are also made here in the USA or by artisans in our partner organizations’ employment centers.
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